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We take the stress from you and organise your inspection from
start to finish. Our inspector genuinely cares about your investment
and treats every inspection as if the purchase is his own. Our 
feedback post inspection is second to none.

As part of the overall services provided by Ross Building Group, building inspections in Yeppoon, Rockhampton and surrounding
areas are available.

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is, as the name suggests, a report carried out before you buy a property. The report will identify significant building defects or problems. The inspector will compare the property inspected with buildings of similar age and construction and will give an overall rating for the dwelling. The building areas we inspect are:

  • the interior and exterior of the dwelling
  • the roof space
  • the roof
  • the underfloor space
  • the site within 30 metres of the dwelling including sheds, fencing, retaining walls etc.

Damp Damage
to walls & ceiling

A wall that has damp damage is caused from a possible leak. Further inspection to a damp damaged wall is highly recommended. The wall needs to be opened up to establish the extent of damage and where the leak is coming from. This should not be left for too long as it can worsen.

full of debris

Gutters that are full of debris have the potential to cause major damage in the roof cavity. When gutters are blocked and it rains heavy the water backfills in the roof cavity. Also fire safety is a factor. The debris build-up in your gutters will act as an accelerant in the event of a fire on your property.

Dry Rot
in timber

Dry rot in timber treads and decks need to be attended to as quickly as possible. There is a risk of the structure collapsing which can cause serious harm. Decks have many joints that invite moisture retention and constant exposure to the weather. In timber posts, by the time a hole is visible, the dry rot generally extends all the way through and several inches into the post.

The Building Inspection Process

Once you have decided to retain our services you can either book onlineĀ or phone us to make an appointment.

For online bookings an email will be sent to you with a tax invoice attached. For phone bookings an email is sent to you containing a cover letter, terms of agreement(s) and a tax invoice for the service. The cover letter should be read as it contains important information on what paperwork we require back from you.

The terms of agreement should be read thoroughly before signing and returning to us as it helps you understand the contents of the report and its limitations, this is for your benefit. If you have any questions or doubts about the Terms of Agreement we welcome you to contact us. The tax invoice lists the services which will be provided and the payment details. Payment can also be done online but a fee is involved.

We can also arrange to obtain building and plumbing permits from the Council. If you require the documentation please submit in the enquiry section. The price for this is listed on ourĀ price page.

Once we have received your signed terms of agreement we then schedule a day and time for the inspection to be done. You will be notified by email of this.

The inspection normally takes around 2 hours. If you would like to be present for this inspection you will need to notify us beforehand so we can notify the owners or tenants of the building if occupied. If you have opted to attend the inspection the inspector can answer any questions or concerns you may have. This can also be advantageous to you if the inspector has any concerns pertaining to the property. We assign a nominated time for you to arrive which is towards the end of the inspection. This way the inspector can get through most of his criteria.

Once the inspection has been completed a detailed report and photographs of our findings is compiled and then emailed to you the next day. We can also email your report to other parties upon your request.

After you have received and read your report in its entirety it is important that you contact the inspector should you have any questions or concerns.

in brickwood

When cracks appear in continuing stretches through bricks and mortar it is usually a sign that there has been some sort of structural movement. This can be due to soil movements, tree roots, impact damage, structural loading, vibration and temperature changes.

Steel Post

Corroded steel posts if too far gone should be replaced. Sometimes you are able to carry out repairs by fitting a self-bracing sleeve to maintain post strength and resist racking (sideways movement) or apply a simple rust-proofing solution.

Roof Tiles & Sheeting

A roof in bad condition may leak from several points creating more problems to the structure in the roof cavity. In most cases the roof can be repaired without having to replace the whole roof. If the roof is in really bad condition a replacement is recommended.

Post Building Inspection

We offer Post Building Inspections on new and old homes. Whether it be for any worries or concerns you have for your dwelling or simply readying yourself for the sale of your home we can help.

Having an inspection prior to putting your property on the market provides several distinct advantages.


Firstly, it is likely to avoid surprises. The Inspector works for the person who hired him and the seller will normally never get to see the inspection report. The inspector will only discuss their findings with their own client therefore the seller will most likely be the last one to hear about any major or minor defects in the building. If the findings are a costly problem it can sometimes cause a setback with the contract or even the buyer getting out of the contract altogether.


Secondly if problems are discovered you have the time to either, repair these on your own schedule or disclose them to the buyer eliminating the possibility of the buyer wanting you to make repairs or reduce the price.


Finally, once the buyer hires his own Inspector you will have a good baseline by which to compare the new report. While your report may not match item for item with the new report, major differences are rare between qualified Inspectors and should be listed.

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